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Eliminate the cold winter

Precisely because it is now officially in November in the northern hemisphere trees bone bare, chill atmosphere filled with quite a lot of commitment, we will be buried in a heap of cold white GLOP in the next few weeks. If you can not endure the dreadful winter cold, then get what you need: full range of heating system in Colombia.
Oh, of course, people like me almost cut our teeth in the cold weather and the enormous benefits of learning to stay inside, even old furnace to provide heat enough to make every day seem like a happy holiday, and, in mid-April at least but for the person who you want to hit the outdoor activities, this is something you need to know.
A full range of heating system of clothing and electric heating systems, as well as polyester film liner, like those you see camping store space blankets, a variety of winter gear (boots, Bicycle gloves and jacket) to help keep you body heat. Do not worry, you start thinking about things like "Snow.wet.electric.uh Oh," I think the same thing. But here is a battery-driven electric heating, so almost no contact with the ground, do not care about the cold any more opportunities through a snowdrift and maintain their enthusiasm. The number and size of the battery, which is not surprising, and change the size of the clothing, jackets, for example, when the 15-watt battery, carrying a pair of gloves at the same time a smaller battery.
Battery itself will let you warm and grilled bread slice about six hours, and can be AC or USB charging, yes, them even as a charging port for your iPod or similar device, you will found their own slopes dead a MP3 player , hit the double-diamond run.
Of course, you are likely to think of electrically heated clothing is expensive, to say the least. Priced at up to $ 850 this jacket, mountain bike gloves vs road bike gloves run $ 400. But still.a jackets, will ensure that you will never be cold again (battery alive) is indeed a very valuable project.
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