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Winter How To Wear Gloves

1, Before going out you put on gloves at home, don't wear in public.
2, The gloves length selection principle is followings: the clothes sleeves shorter, choose the length of the gloves should be more long. If wear short-sleeved, sleeveless or strapless dress should wear long gloves.
3, Shake hands with someone or dance to take off the glove.
4, Sat when have dinner should take off the Bike gloves, have finished to wear.
5, White gloves and the same color with white gloves, such as ivory, cream-colored, beige, etc is the classic of gloves, can be in any suitable for the occasion of wear gloves.
6, Don't use black gloves tie-in white or light color clothes, but can be used to match black, dark or blue system clothes.
7, In addition to white and black, other color gloves should follow what you wear clothes color coordinated series.
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