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I go home for dinner meal by cycling with bike gloves

Cycling, which had begun at the end of the clock from 12 noon, 47.4 kilometers, ride time of 3 hours and 3 minutes, trip to cities MaJiu at hotel on the second floor of the meal, the scenery is very good, do not bask in the sun, because it is a meal on the balcony to, early cool food, rice, enjoy the new rice, I ate two bowl, 3 dish one soup, calculated per 40 dollar one, two people is 80 dollars; low season, the lake hotel business is slow, visitors are still alive, eating a meal and watch the tourists edge female compatriots one wrapped in the appearance Bei NaJiEr miss the Bhutto expired, labrador also dormant, man eating alongside two motorcycle trip along the lake say the MM to see someone other foreigners not afraid frozen sun afraid of the dark, so much incredibly dare to wear shorts, looked I ride two motorcycle MM, and does not, but generally shorts, a super short hot pants pants elephant, four legs bright brown light brown tan, western and Chinese on the same attitude sun completely different, if it is in the middle of the desert, one wears a headscarf wrapped up to resist dust and the desert if you do not keep daylight seriously burn skin, la sun is not as fierce.
Today, wind, riding bicycle select any speed, very comfortable, voyage wind winter day is a disaster; town expressly to uncover the tips of your Cycle Gloves fingers, tape and leggings, slim leg trousers when we wear require Angle up pants.
Your labrador maiden that dinner meal, the taste of the dish is very strong, Niang also form a very dense, very strong night, cooking heart Fried white kidney bean pickles Fried Fried Chicken Fried OuPian Fossa radicchio, those cook his mother was too tired ah, all the dishes are served at all after I saw his mother was too tired back almost to the room lying in bed when I'm guilty a thousand times I feel I I'm sure I do not eat any food to eat but I still ate a lot in that when I got home, I found my thirst honest I have not yet and today I ate countless cooking type must weight tomorrow and will be more than 50, I wonder why she did not put all the fried food together in a pot of hot pot dishes? Save time and effort concerns, cooking strange idea, we begin to eat fried food, WHY? Stew,, boiled steamed hot pot can as well? WHY NOT? Make a meal so tired on the way back home to the statement over and over again I do not want to go to his home for dinner, I did not really want to eat all they went out to the restaurant to eat, I do not want to see about cooking a meal is too tired to go to the hospital perspective, Niang, consistent with mental sadist in all of these characteristics, with a drop of water All Pacific, or Tianshan tectonics, fountain of youth, which eat cow meat piece is, unfortunately, your labrador also acknowledged that his stomach miraculously healed trouble, since it is his mother to move out after only life independent, it is a scientific reason, if long-term pressure to eat indigestion will, long indigestion stomach bug.
I go home by bike
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