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Mountain bike History of development

Mountain biking as a sport is a relatively young, especially compared to other sports like tennis, which has been around since 1871! The mountain biking was born in the 1970s and was the result of the recent rise in popularity of the bicycle.
As with most good things, mountain biking was developed in California at the time of the hippies and anti-Vietnam War rebellions.
Tired of the increasing presence of cars on the clogged streets and alleys, Gary Fisher, a cyclist, moved to the country with his family to avoid the hustle and bustle. It was here in Marin County that met Fisher and Joe Breeze Lunkers, a group of recreational cyclists who regularly organize cruiser bikes racing the 30, 40 and 50 with wheel brakes. This group cruises and bike tires become turnovers in human powered machines that are able to go through all kinds of road conditions, including the notoriously difficult Repack a downslide so called because a shaft down overheating breaks requires be re-packed.
In 1977, Brisa designed what would become the first mountain bike with lightweight tube originally used for road bikes and fatter tires for better traction and control. The revolution was fueled even more in 1979 when Breeze and Otis Guy took one of the first models Breezer to 22 years old, jet-frame designer and creator Tom Ritchey, who, seeing the bike, he realized the potential and began fat tire producing frames.
With lots of pictures and business plan not to mention, Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly fellow cyclist strung a few hundred dollars and opened a bank account for a company called Mountain Bikes, began riding mountain bikes are Ritchey they came and began marketing locally. Over time, the names of companies around the world became the name used for all off-road bikes!
Then the original logo of Kelly-Fisher Mountain Bikes, who later became Charlie Fisher Mountain Bikes Once Kelly left the company in 1983.
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