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Prevent injuries In bicycle common

How to avoid problems before they occur is the sign of a good rider. This article will outline various problems and ways to avoid them.The right equipment, adjustments, cycling and free technical avoids the problems that will lead you astray, or add discomfort when driving.
A good helmet is a must have. More than 90 percent of all fatal accidents involving a cyclist who rode without a helmet. A good helmet will protect you if you fall and hit your head, are hit while on your bike, or as an advertising company - hit after removing the bike. Do not ever let go or someone who loves to ride without a helmet.
Riding for long periods can damage the nerves of the hands without the proper equipment and riding technique. First, buy the Best Bike Gloves that fit perfectly the hands and are padded on the gripping surface of the palm of the hand. The Cycle Gloves just cushion the impact of some of the road vibrations rest of your body weight. It 's very important to make sure that the weight is distributed evenly on the bike and not too heavy leaning on his hands. It should also change the position with their hands regularly to avoid fatigue. It 'also important not to firmly grasp the handlebars and you do not need a lighter touch is good, because a lot of turning is done with his time and kind pending or not the handlebars.
Men and women have challenges with sitting for long periods of time on a bicycle. With men, it is the numbness in their penis and prostate problems. For women, the challenges may include vaginal discomfort and urinary tract infections. The best thing to a material point of view is to make sure your saddle fits your body and is positioned correctly. Driving with cycling specific shorts makes a huge difference as well. Women should moisturize well to prevent urinary tract infections and both men and women should drive for extended periods of time standing on the pedals.
Most of the bicycles will be set to be comfortable for the vast majority of the population with some minor changes. In some cases, some components may need to change. Seat adjustment is usually the first place to start. the height of the seat should be comfortable and the leg is bent to a 25-35 degrees in the lower part of the pedal travel. The seat must be set so that the knee is directly above the central movement, when its in the 3 o'clock position. The seat should be at ground level or slightly forward and fell. The height of your handlebars can be changed with regard to how high off the headset rests. In general for pilots occasional higher is better. Set your bike properly will also help to prevent back fatigue.
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