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Postpartum weight matters needing attention

1,Don't go on a diet to lose weight: postpartum 42 days don't go on a diet. Reasonable diet is very important
2,Confidence is the most important: maternal postpartum mood is also very important, don't always preoccupied appearance, be open. Postpartum is in a body organs by an old balance to new balance time, about 42 days to restore the progestational level, reply to a healthy and normal non pregnancy situation. Then maternal confidence, that is the only way conducive to the body's recovery.
3,Breastfeeding can reduce weight not believable: we are very advocate breastfeeding. At the same time, breast-feeding or promoting uterine contraction of one of the effective methods. But women will not therefore get lose weight. When in maternal breastfeeding, because the child needs large amount of nutrition, the mother but to eat more. In a word, postpartum reduce weight must pay attention to it, as long as noticed, will also mother a good shape.
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